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8th grade

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SOS Points

DELVE students are required to earn at least 10 points each year, half at Southwood and half in the community, for a total of 30 points when they are confirmed. 

Points: 1 point for every 1 hour of service, maximum of 5 points per activity.

Worship notes

Worshiping God regularly is an important part of living as a faithful Christian. Confirmation students are expected to attend worship at Southwood with their families at least once a month. Please submit one form per month, or more if you like!

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Final Year Requirements

Confirmation Retreat (Summer 2020) The Retreat is our way of preparing students to be confirmed in their faith and bonding as a group before they are welcomed into our High School Youth Group. We will be working on our faith statements, selecting a verse, having bonfires, hiking, swimming and adventuring at Camp Carol Joy Holling.

Verse Selection Students will select a Bible verse that speaks to their personal faith or faith journey. Verses should be at the top of their Faith Statement and provide the specific translation used (NRSV, KJV, NIV).

Faith Statement (October 5th, 2020) Students will write a one page long essay about what they believe and claiming their faith as their own. Essays are due in the form of a Google or Word document via email to mtranmer@southwoodlutheran.org by October 5th, 2020.

Council Interview (October 13th, 2020) Students will be paired with a member of the Church Council and have a conversation about their faith as well as asked to vocalize how they understand the importance of being confirmed.

Confirmation Rehearsal (October 24th, 2020) Students and parents will meet from 9:00-10:30 AM where we will have our rehearsal and go over the details for the services. Students may want to dress up since we will be taking our group and individual photos that morning.

Confirmation Sunday (October 25th, 2020) Students will need to arrive 20 minutes before the service they've registered for and we will walk up together. Parents will have reserved seating in the front rows of the sanctuary for their families.